3 Ways To Spice Up A Laser Tag Birthday Party

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3 Ways To Spice Up A Laser Tag Birthday Party

13 May 2016
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It's your child's birthday soon, and you're looking to plan an unforgettable party that will keep his friends talking for months to come. If your child enjoys action, running around, and adventure, there's no better venue than a laser tag arena. While most laser tag arenas offer birthday party packages with basically everything needed for a party, here are 3 ways you can add some extra excitement to the party.

More Visibility with Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

While laser tag is already a lot of fun, amaze the kids by getting them skin-friendly glow-in-the-dark paint that can be easily washed off in the washing machine. Let them decorate themselves by painting their faces as if they're ready to go to war. Make sure you ask their parents first for permission, just in case. Also, you'll want to get the kids to paint themselves outside where they won't make a mess.

As the laser tag arena will be quite dark, the different colors of the glow-in-the-dark paint will absolutely stand out. It really adds an extra element to the entire game of laser tag.

Rewards for Winning Team or Certain Milestones

Games and competition always makes things a lot more fun. Up the ante by offering up rewards to the winning team or to the player who gets the most hits. You can even get the kids to decide which achievements get what rewards.

Common rewards include candy, sci-fi themed toys, and even custom medals. Rewards that fit a certain theme tend to be more popular than others. You can include these rewards within goodie bags you've made for the kids to take home.

Dress Up to a Theme

Add an extra element to the laser tag game by having the different teams dress up to certain themes. You can have your child pick a theme that he or she likes the most. The theme doesn't necessarily have to be related to laser tag. For example, your child may want to have two separate teams with one dressed up as dinosaurs and the other as mermaids.


Although it's easy to simply pay for a birthday package offered by the laser tag arena, put in a little more effort, and the birthday party will be absolutely unforgettable. Spicing up the party can also be a lot of fun for you if you have a creative mind and enjoy art. For example, you can make custom invitations, make decorations to bring to the party room at the laser tag arena or even bake and decorate a sci-fi themed birthday cake.